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Curb Holiday Weight Gain!

We are half way through December and there are just two more weeks before the New Year!

Many people will look back on the year feeling frustration and disappointment if they haven't met their goals yet. This is the time of year people usually give up, throw in the towel and just decide to start again in January. Not this year! Let’s make this year the year you double down and finish the year off STRONG!

Here are 10 ways you can keep the weight off during the holidays!

  1. Increase your exercise time by 10-20 minutes a day (either all at once or space out throughout the day) That way when you eat a little extra, you’ve already burned off those calories!

  2. Make every meal count. It’s especially important to make sure you’re eating healthy for breakfast and lunch if you have a holiday party in the evening. Going to a party hungry will only increase the temptation of those calorie dense, fatty foods.

  3. Move every day. If you’re on the east coast, you’ve been enjoying some unusually warm weather – get outside and enjoy it. Go for a walk, a run or a bike ride. If you can’t get outside, make sure you’re doing something physical at home or the office.

  1. Fill up on the healthiest foods first. This is the old "crowd out the bad" method. By filling up on fresh fruits and veggies, you won't have room for too many of those "junky" treats.

  2. Drink lots of water. This will help make you feel full faster.

  3. Plan ahead. Cut out snacks and drinks during the week to make up for the ones you'll be consuming on the weekend.

  4. Get lots of sleep. Cutting out sleep not only leaves you vulnerable to illness but it also increases your cravings.

  5. Be present with your meal – be aware of feeling full. Eat to savor, not gorge. Focus your attention on the process of eating.

  6. Don’t stand in front of the snack table at parties. Mingle and stay away from the food.

  7. Be gentle with yourself. If you over indulge one night, just get back on track the following day.

It’s difficult to stick to a healthy lifestyle during the holiday season. But don’t let that be a reason to throw all your progress out the window. Finishing the year strong & healthy will make 2016 your best & healthiest year ever!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate!

Health & happiness,


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