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What My Clients Say...

​"During my lifetime I was a competitive dancer, cheerleader, aerobics instructor and an all around healthy person. I even made my way back from a terrible injury that left me paralyzed for two months and I miraculously walked away with three herniated discs.  I gained over 50 lbs with my first pregnancy and thought it would come right off while breastfeeding. I quickly realized that wasn’t going to happen for me. I then got pregnant with my second daughter soon after. Both c-sections had left me feeling like a stranger in my own body and for the first time in my life, intimidated to start exercising again. 

 I heard about Nichole through her famous boot camp classes. After researching her company, Shape Your Being, I saw that she did one on one personal training where she would even come to my home.  I decided to put the excuses aside and make my health a priority.  At our first meeting Nichole assessed my fitness level, took notes on my injury, listened to my goals and we made goals of our own.

 Each week she changed it up, challenging me in new ways.  The hour flew by and then I noticed the pounds were flying off.  Nichole even suggested I put an app on my phone where she could see what I was eating each day and help me make adjustments to my diet each time I seemed to reach a plateau. 

 I could not believe how incredible I felt! I had energy, was down a few sizes and was getting back to feeling like “me” again.  Even on days when I was not motivated to work out she came to my door with a smile on her face, weights in hand, ready to get me through it.  I loved that I couldn’t hide from my lack of motivation or make excuses. As the summer months started to approach we started working outside.  My two girls would watch and join in as I did jumping jacks, sprints up and down the driveway and my entire workout routine in front of them. I wasn’t just doing this for me anymore, I was being a positive role model for them and it made me push even harder. 

 One of my original goals was also to be able to run.  We started off with a walk/run combination and before I knew it I was able to run alongside Nichole for a few miles.  I was accomplishing all my goals with her incredible coaching!  On days off she would check in on me via text message and send me motivational words.  My body was changing like I had never seen it before. I no longer fit into my old jeans. They were too big and I had to go buy new ones!!

 It was a feeling that I am not sure I can put into words.  Nichole gave me back something that was so painful to have lost…and that was a part of myself.  For that hour I prioritized myself. Without her support, motivation and guidance I would have never been able to reach beyond my goals and set new ones.

 After getting into great shape I unexpectedly got pregnant with my third daughter.  This time Nichole worked with me during the entire pregnancy so that I could stay strong, keep my back in the least amount of pain possible and be ready to bounce back after a third c-section.  Just five months after having my third little girl I am already close to my pre-pregnancy weight. Most importantly, I am strong, fit and healthy." ~ Doreen G.


"Nichole is a very knowledgable, compassionate coach who will guide you to a more positive chapter in your life. She provided a wealth of information to help me improve my eating as well as the food for my family." ~Gayle K.


"I was worried about being in bad shape when I started with Nichole. She adjusted my exercises, so I could build up strength. I was surprised at how quickly I saw my strength and stamina improve. I value and enjoy working out with Nichole greatly!" ~ Denitza K.


"I have been working with Nichole 3 days/week in morning "Bootcamp" style sessions for the past 4 years. In addition to these group sessions, she provides nutritional education and advice, assesses fitness trends and provides personal, individualized fitness and nutritional goals. I always feel she is well informed of the constant changes in the fitness world. She always takes into consideration age, lifestyle and personality of each student in the class." ~ Meg T.


"I love Nichole's enthusiasm and her dedication. I have been training with her for the past 10 weeks, and I am loving it and seeing results!" ~ Sarah M.


"Nichole has been so great to work with - she is positive and encouraging - she varies her workouts and keeps them current and tough but not intimidating. She is easy to talk to and has great perspective on all things related to health and balance."~

Theresa M.


"Nichole is an outstanding instructor. She's a professional with a personal touch. She helped me reach my to weight loss goal and instilled in me a love for exercise (which I never thought I would have)." ~ Rosann C.


"Nichole is very attentive.  She has many resources and if she doesn't have an answer - she researches until she finds one.  She's an excellent listener, too!" ~ Elizabeth D. 


 "I lost about 8-10 lbs and saw inches melt off. Not great pics to see changes but hubby can tell you, big changes!" ~Kristy 



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